You Can Take It With You

The things that are important to you don't happen in an office. There's no PC handy. No keyboard nearby. And certainly no one standing by to collect information as it happens. If you wait until the end of shift to collect information, you're only going to get a fragment of what's available, and even then the accuracy is going to be reduced. To really know what's happening, you have to collect the information when it happens, where it happens.

A mobile application doesn't have to be so simple that it can't collect the details you want. It doesn't have to be so onerous that your operators won't use it. A good mobile application takes advantage of the abilities of the latest devices to automate as much functionality is possible.


Automates the collection of data about position, speed, and activities of vehicles. Also provides for checklists, messaging, and handling tasks for vehicles. For vehicles that follow a repeating cycle, cycles, and phase collection is automated for minimum input.


Allows fast and easy assignment of workers and equipment on a per day per shift basis. Build crews manage days in advance, and use insight passed through from other apps to avoid scheduling equipment or workers when not available.

Measure Points

Allows supervisors, maintenance workers, and operators to record measurements associated with equipment. Engine hours, Mileage, oil level, tire pressure, temperature, volumes, dates, or simply notes. Or generate work requests for things that need to be addressed.


Allows supervisors to record activities and delays for both equipment and workers while on site. Tools allow fast log in of large groups and custom activities by vehicles and worker types. Supervisors can also make on-the-fly assignment of workers and equipment.